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How Are You Doing with Your Resolutions?

Many people make resolutions on New Years, but according to research more than 80% of people fail at keeping their resolutions. That's because a resolution requires making long term changes and then putting even more effort into maintaining it.

Popular New Year’s resolutions such as "lose 25 lbs" or "run a marathon" are actually goals, not resolutions. Resolutions and goals are similar, but differ in terms of duration and what exactly they are.

If you want to attain a specific achievement, it's a goal; but permanent changes to your life are resolutions, since you keep doing them every day and not just until a specific achievement is reached.

A goal is a desired result that a person wishes to achieve. It is a target that a person wants to reach. It is an end-point of where a person sees himself after a certain period of time. Goals can be short term or long term.

For those of you who wish to achieve some specific goals as we go into this New Year, here is a guideline for setting SMART Goals:

  • Specific - How is the goal specific?

  • Measurable - How will achieving the goal be measured?

  • Action - What action(s) does the goal require?

  • Realistic - Is the goal realistic based on history, ability, schedule, program, etc.?

  • Time - What is the time frame for achieving the goal?

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