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Motivational speaker Dianne Cumberland





Get Inspired with Dianne Cumberland!


Dianne doesn't accept the status quo for herself. Through curiosity and lifelong learning, she believes and demonstrates that life is more than fitness. It is a mind-body connection; changing the way you think and changing your habits.  

She is passionate about helping women and men age with power, purpose and grace. Her well-rounded principles encourage people to harness the power within.


Motivational Speaking is available for:

  • Corporate, social and women's groups

  • Wellness in the workplace events

  • Fitness & Lifestyle Workshops

  • Conferences on Aging & Fitness

"In spite of warnings, nothing much happens until the status quo becomes more painful than change."

--Laurence J. Peter

Topics Available for Events & Workshops

  • "Are You Fit for Business?"

  • "A New Year is Coming: Change Your Habits"

  • "Have a Big MAC Attack"

  • "Aging with Power & Purpose"

  • "Secrets to Anti-Aging"

  • "Become an MVP!"

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