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"What I love about Dianne, is her ability to customize exercises specifically for me. I’ve had back and shoulder issues for several years, yet Dianne is able to coach me through exercises that work the intended muscle groups without straining problem areas. I’ve exercised on my own or with videos in the past, but I get a much better work out with Dianne’s one-on-one coaching. Dianne is able to correct my form or posture as I’m doing an exercise. She is able to gauge how easy or difficult an exercise might be for me and modify it for better results. I started working one on one with Dianne at my home. Having her arrive at a set time and day helped me start a positive routine. I couldn’t skip my workout! I couldn’t have other chores that took priority. For that one hour I had to exercise. 


After only a few workouts, Covid-19 hit our area and our “normal” drastically changed. I adopted self-imposed family isolation and was afraid this would be just another reason I would not be getting healthy. Luckily, Dianne was able to continue my workouts over the internet. She appears on my phone at the same time, several days a week. My routine continues and I’m feeling stronger every day. 


If you’re looking for a long term one-on-one trainer or just a trainer for a few months to get you going, I would definitely recommend Dianne. She’s professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and committed to help each client improve their physical health."


Robin, Age 53




"As I approached my 50th birthday I decided I wanted to get fitter, and drop a few pounds. I was too self conscious to work out at a gym, and with my time constraints personal training was perfect for me.


I was impressed with Dianne from the initial consultation. She was very thorough and delved into my exercise regimen, diet and any pertinent health issues and came up with a training plan that would work for me. I have been working with Dianne now for about 2 years. She's fantastic.


I definitely feel stronger since I started working out with her. While she focuses on the training part of the session, she also gives lots of pointers on diet, sleep and other tips on achieving  an overall sense of well being.  She's an excellent role model for being the best you can be, at any age."

Dharshi M, Age 49




"What brought me to the point of needing a trainer was realizing that I didn’t have a consistent plan to lift weights. When I worked with Dianne I achieved a better discipline for lifting consistently and I learned how to keep track of my work outs with her terrific journal. (she also bought me a great clock with a second hand to time my sets) When I decided to work out on my own I was prepared after being with Dianne.


I appreciate Dianne’s ability to listen to my goals and adjust accordingly. I wanted to go heavier and she was happy to do that. As a woman, it is refreshing to be encouraged to lift confidently. Dianne is a role model in that she follows a healthy plan of weight lifting and diet. She is still going strong entering contests-showing that 70 is the new 50! She is inspiring."

Melinda S, Age 51



"Dianne is one of the best trainers in the Pacific Northwest!  She has been instrumental in helping me get stronger, both physically and mentally during some very difficult phases in life...and, she's a great motivator. Thank you Dianne!"

Rosalind W, Age 54

"I was slightly overweight, over 40, I had high blood pressure, insomnia, and difficulty paying attention.  When I found myself divorced and ready to start my life over again, I realized there was no better investment I could make than my personal health and physical shape.


My previous trainer was unreliable and inattentive.  Dianne has never missed an appointment and learned how my body performs better than I know myself.  I don't injure myself while training under Dianne's guidance and I can always count on her expertise to keep my routines challenging as she diversifies the workouts and keeps me progressing to reach my strength and health goals.


I no longer take drugs for my high blood pressure, I am now conscious of my choices regarding food, sleep, and regular exercise.  I appreciate the value of prioritizing my time for self improvement and I make more informed lifestyle choices knowing that Dianne will be knocking at my door 6am the following morning!"

Robert M, Age 47




"It is with great enthusiasm that I write, endorsing Dianne Cumberland as a personal trainer.

My 82-year-old mother Norcella endured a near death experience in winter 2016-17:  3 months of hospitalization and 55 days on the ventilator.  The rehab hospital, home health nurses, and physical therapists refused to provide therapeutic care to return my mother to her pre-illness level of function: walking without a cane, living without O2, driving anywhere she wanted to go, and living independently.


Dianne Cumberland has worked with my mother for 3 months now without any guidance or interference from family or my mother’s medical team.  She implemented a gradually increasing program of both aerobic and strength training.  My mother no longer requires O2 during the day, using it only at night for sleep.  She is now able to walk more than a mile at a time, including climbing a steep hill (grade is same as south slope of Queen Avenue North).  My mother is now stronger and has greater function than she did before her illness.  She lives independently again.


Dianne has been wise and thoughtful in her approach to training my mother.  For example, the workouts include practicing how to get up from the floor in the case of a fall.  In short, Dianne has far exceeded our expectations and, I observe, Dianne has far exceeded the outcomes of licensed physical therapists.


Dianne has excellent interpersonal skills – sensing when she can push and when to ease up to avoid burnout.  Though a diligent taskmaster, Dianne’s warm personality has brought about friendship with mother.  Though I think mother still disdains exercise, she thoroughly enjoys her time with Dianne.  As a result, my mother is a motivated pupil. The results speak for themselves!


Our family owes Dianne an enormous debt of gratitude for re-building our mother’s strength, stamina and agility after our mother’s close brush with death.  My mother’s regained independence is priceless. Thank you, Dianne!  Bravo! Norcella's story here

Jeanette W




"My husband gave me Dianne for a Xmas gift a few years ago. I kept her! Without her I don't push myself to the same levels. Dianne has worked with me through difficult injuries, finding out what is needed to continue my rehab."


Becky D, Age 59


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